Updates: Tuesday 1/27/2015 and Wednesday 1/28/2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

**These updates were posted on Everly's Facebook page by Crystal's friend, Courtney.**  PLEASE NOTE THAT TRIBUTES DO NOT GO TO EVERLY OR HER FAMILY>  ONLY DIRECT DONATIONS TO THE WELLS FARGO ACCT DO>  Thank you!

Dear Team Everly,

This is an update I never wanted to write, but as Crystal's self appointed bulldog, it's one I must.

As I'm sure you can imagine, the pain that Crystal, Jimmy, Nana, Papa, Garren and Kendan are feeling is insurmountable. Though they were always aware that Trisomy 18 would take Everly from them early, no amount of preparation or knowledge can brace a human for the raw pain of losing a child. It's just not the natural course of life to lose a child, so this is a pain that strikes each nerve in the body.

Jimmy, Crystal and Nana are now back home with the boys and Papa. Everly's earthly body is with them as well. It was important to the family to bring Everly back home with them, and they did just that. She was held lovingly in their arms during the trip from Atlanta to Tampa.

At this time, no arrangements for a memorial are being made, but one will be arranged in due time. I promise to update when I have more information.

While I know it is human nature to want to offer support, at this time, and until further notice, please refrain from visiting or calling the home or cellphones. They need to be a family, and start the first steps in what will prove to be a lifelong process of grief. There is a cooler at the front door, if you signed up to bring a meal; thank you. Please put it in the cooler without knocking or ringing the bell.

The family appreciates all your words of comfort, support and gratitude. At this time, they do not have the strength to read any messages, in fact, they have not read any messages, texts or emails. I know these words will one day bring comfort, but for now, it's just too overwhelming.

I know many of you are heartbroken, as we who know the Hopkins' are- and have nothing but positive intentions- but again, I must beg of you to respect their privacy at this time.

A trust is set up at Wells Fargo bank in memory of Everly, where 100% of all donations and gifts will go directly to the family. If you'd like to make a gift in memory of Sweet Pea, you can visit any Wells Fargo location, or set up an online transfer. The account is Everly M. Hopkins Donation Account, and the account number is 7616853227.

On behalf of the Hopkins', thank you for the continued outpouring of love you have showed them. Please continue to pray for their peace and healing. Your words will one day be read and cherished.

Much love to all, Courtney



Hi again everyone,

Thank you, as always for the continued love and support. The Hopkins' are still taking things minute by minute and just being. They are meeting with the church and the funeral home together today, so please say an extra prayer for their peace as they take the next step.

We've had a lot of requests for the meal signup, and appreciate the offers. If you need the link, and are ...a local friend of the family, please let me know
(Courtney:  thenettas@gmail.com) and I will be happy to private message you.  If you are not a local friend of the family, but would still like to help, there are options, and your gifts are greatly appreciated. You can mail gifts, gift cards or cards to:
Everly Hopkins, 3905 Tampa Road # 2696, Oldsmar, Florida 34667

You can also make a monetary donation at any Wells Fargo location. Using Everly M. Hopkins Donation Account #: 7616853227.  The funds will lighten the load as the family takes care of final arrangements, remaining medical bills and day to day expenses as they heal. 

Details on a Celebration of Life will follow soon.

Love and light to all - Courtney

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