Back in PICU

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Just a real quick update to let you know that we are back in PICU. I know some of you aren't on Facebook and might not have seen the news about it.

She's been sick since Monday with nasty congestion. Took her to doctor on Wednesday to see what's going on and it sounded like it was all in her upper airway, not lungs. Continued with chest PT and xoponex at home.

But Friday morning she wouldn't wake and when I tried to wake her she was not responsive. Her eyes were open but they were glossy and staring into space. Her numbers looked fine but she did not. Made the decision to call EMS. Upon arrival, they agreed her demeanor was questionable based on what I described as her baseline. So off to St. Joe's we went.

Upon testing, it was determined her co2 level was in the 80's well above the acceptable limit. This retention of gas could be deadly if not addressed. So it manifested itself by causing her heart rate to drop into the 70s then slowly go back up. This, we didn't know at the time was the reason, also happened the night before. But then we thought it was the lead on her pulse ox and so we changed it. Turns out it really was her and not

There's a feeling this retention of gas was what was causing her to be lethargic and have drops in her heart rate. A thought is that the congestion is some virus causing the retention as well.

So, while intubation was tossed around as an option, the decision was made to go from high flow cannula to bipap to allow her time to rest and help her expel the co2.

She's been on it all night now and is doing well with it. Only a couple bradycardia episodes and seemingly holding steady. Waiting for new x rays, doctor rounds and setting adjustments.

I'll touch back base when I'm able and have more information. We would appreciate and thank you for your prayers for Everly. For strength, God's healing hand, peace and calmness in decision making and in this situation.

Thank you to Tiny Superheroes for the cape we have in Everly's PICU room. It came in the mail last week and is the perfect sentiment for her!

With love and appreciation,


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