Everly Medical Update Part 1

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Heading into the ER via stretcher

I know many of you know the events of the last few weeks but there are some who aren't on Facebook which is where I update daily. So much has happened this month that I'm going to do a quick timeline for time's sake. We are currently in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Joseph's Hospital.

Nov. 10: Everly wasn't feeling or acting great so we took her in to see Dr. Graham. Advised that it was probably a virus and we would watch it during the week.

Nov. 11-12: She acted okay, not great but better than Monday.

Nov. 13: She seemed to be worse so took her back in to Dr. Graham. Pneumonia :-( Shot of Rocephin antibiotic.

Nov. 14: Okay during the day but that evening she began to and she became extremely lethargic with a low-grade temperature. Headed back in to Dr. Graham's office. Double pneumonia. :-( :-( Another shot of Rocephin. Her appearance was concerning to say the least. When asked about Everly's condition, Dr. Graham quietly said that Everly might not come out of this. That jarred us to the core. We went home, spoke as a family and decided we would take her into the emergency room. If you recall, we had always said no hospital and no 911 as well. However, since turning 6 months, we felt that maybe we needed to follow her lead, so we did ultimately decide to take her to the ER. *I did speak to our friend Beth and my best friend's husband to get their take on whether we should proceed with the ER visit.

Nov. 15-18: St. Joe's Hospital Stay

Nov. 18: Released from hospital but Everly's lung was still collapsed and she still had some congestion so we were to continue the chest PT at home.

Nov. 26: Noticeably different with a deep cough, lethargic and marked difference in her appearance. Dr. Bash, the hospice doctor, prescribed breathing treatments and steroids to help clear her up.

Nov. 27 (Thanksgiving): Everly had a rough night the evening before of crying and just being uncomfortable. Early that morning, her heart rate dropped quickly to 50 and remained. Her face was white and her lips cold to the touch. We called 911 and within minutes the EMTs arrived. She was able to recover herself without any intervention from them but it was necessary to still transport her to the ER via ambulance. Once there, she was admitted to the hospital and moved to the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

Riding in mama's lap to her room in the hospital after admittance

We are currently still at St. Joseph's Hospital with Everly still trying to fully recover. It's been almost one month now since she started acting not herself and exhibiting cold-like symptoms. We are cautiously optimistic for the all clear soon!

In my next, I will address the diagnosis, treatments and plan of action for the future. I really wanted in this one to record the sequence of events, not only for my own preservation, but for anyone who does not follow Facebook, know how we got to where we are now and what is to come.

Thank you for continuing to follow and pray for our Everly! Every prayer is heard by our Heavenly Father, the Great Physician. He knows all things and has plans for us but He also listens to us. If you are so inclined, we would ask that you continue to pray for complete healing of her little body, discernment on our part in decision making and compassion and wise judgement for the physicians.

A visit from the brothers but she is still very sick and sleepy

Please continue to keep in mind our sweet friend Elizabeth Maxine in Texas. She will be 7 months old soon and is also beating the odds in Trisomy 18! Let's lift her name up and and pray for her continued good health and that of her family who embrace and love on her. A special shout out to Aunt Bees who has enough love to cover both sweet babies and more! We love you Scholes Family and Aunt Bees!

Our God has kept us grounded and focused on Him even through this particularly scary time. He is faithful and His love never fails. We are so grateful for His promises and His presence in our lives and especially keeping Everly in His hands.

With love and appreciation,


Still very sick after a few days in the hospital

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