Everly Update 12/21

Monday, December 22, 2014

 This was within minutes of removing the high flow system.

God is so good! Thank you all for praying in earnest for Everly!

She is OFF oxygen!

I repeat: she is OFF oxygen already!

This morning on BIPAP still and tonight she is free!

We most likely will need to give her a tiny amount--.2 or .3 probably--when she hits REM sleep only.

So, let's marvel at this timeline:

Friday morning: EMS to St. Joe's, non-responsive, lethargic
CO2 level is 81 should be less than 45, can easily be deadly, discussion by 4 doctors about the very real possibility of intubating her and that she might not come off of it,
placed on high flow from her regular cannula, later placed on BIPAP for her increasing needs, no feeds all day, IV hydration

Saturday: still no feeds, still on BIPAP with lots of support, retest of CO2 level and it remained okay at 41

Sunday morning: weaned to high flow early morning, then planned to wean to regular cannula but during the transition it was apparent that she no longer needed it, may use oxygen during REM sleep if heart rate sags any, started foods this morning and doing continuous and she's digesting it all.

That's my girl!

I continue to be amazed at God! He no doubt heard everyone lifting up Everly's name to him! What a blessing it is for our family to have all of you praying for her and just enveloping our family with love and support!

I am just in shock and awe that this was all done today! But God can do it all and He did! Oh, how He loves His children!

 How perfect is this balloon!!!

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