Welcome to Love for Everly

Friday, February 27, 2015

Welcome!  I'm so glad you came to visit!

I'm jumping with joy to share with you Everly's new website!  Generously gifted to me, to Everly  and our family by a selfless talented friend with a huge heart, she has made this a perfect home for us and so representative of our girly Everly!  It was a surprise for me and one I didn't even know was in the works until recently!  I have been writing on Caring Bridge for the past year and have in the past month felt that a different format would be better now.  Well, little did I know, that my sweet friend was making it happen and "unveiled" it to me yesterday!  In addition to ALL the MANY extras she has added to the site, she painstakingly took each of my 73 previous posts and pictures on CB and migrated those as well here!  We are so thrilled to have one place that will contain Everly's story, pictures, my writings, videos and more!

I am beyond excited to share Love for Everly with you all!  It's jaw dropping gorgeous!  We'd love to have you subscribe for email updates.  Just give us your email in the upper right corner and that's it.  Blog updates come right to your inbox.  We are also on Instagram so follow us there, too:  Love_for_Everly. 

I hope that you will come with me and Everly on this new journey.  I pray that it will enlighten, uplift and even inspire you.  I pray that it will be a place that I can share openly as I have in the past, be honest and authentic, even if it's hard.  I pray that I can find my place, can work on healing, can explore new ground. 

I am not sure where this new road will lead me, our family, even you as the reader, but I pray that we can go hand in hand together.  While our life with Everly and our raw grief will be shared, I, too, hope that new topics will be explored and new roads paved.

As if that news alone weren't cause enough for a celebration, I am so happy to share with you that through God's hand, a lone copy of Everly's Celebration of Life appeared.  Literally.

Through a sequence of events that illustrate in black and white God's orchestration, our special friend, Elisabeth Maxine's father Mark recorded her service for Anissa who was at a cardio appointment with E.  Of course, not knowing the incredible blessing it would be to our family! And hugs and kisses to Brittney who even knew there might be a copy to begin with and started the ball rolling!   

Then audio from both the church and from Mark were able to be spliced together to create the finished product!  And just watching it and listening to it again, we are beyond grateful to have this memory preserved. 

Words alone can't express the gratitude and thankfulness I have knowing we have this precious gift!    And to know it came from our Trisomy buddy.  Yup.  That's God.  We will forever be thankful to Scholes Family for this amazing gift!  Send some Team Everly love!

If you would like to view the service, just click "Celebrating Everly".  Blessings as you watch how we celebrated and honored our Sweet Pea!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit Everly's new website!  We are happy to have you along!


  1. This is wonderful!!!! What a gorgeous website!!! ❤

  2. So glad you all have a copy of Everly's celebration of life. It was such a wonderful celebration of her amazing life!