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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So, what's new with sweet pea?  

Mama reading to Everly
  • She finally hit 11 lbs 5 oz after going back and forth between 10 lbs 15 oz and 11 lbs 1 oz.
  • She started with a new speech therapist at our home a few weeks ago.  We love her!!  And she has a student accompany her and we love her, too!  She comes with a plan each week, new exercises, new techniques, texts me in between sessions to check on us, is super enthusiastic during session, just seems excited to be doing what she's doing.
  • Everly has started to take a strong interest in all things oral...playing with her tongue by sticking it out, swirling it, just anything.  It's so cute!  She's very accepting of all baby food and tastes and still enjoys her swab with milk several times a day.
  • I didn't realize I hadn't posted this before but Everly is unable to control her body temperature so she sweats profusely when even a tad bit warm. So unless it was a water activity from about May until recently, it was too warm to head outdoors with her.  So, we are excited that the weather is "cooling" off enough to get her out again where we LOVE to be!
  • Her last cardio visit a couple of weeks ago was great.  No changes in her heart/lung balance which is ideal.  Her SAT was 95 and her heart rate was 120. 
  • She received the Synagis and flu shot last month for protection.  We all (including my parents) received the flu (4 strain) shot.  We are germaphobs at our house!  So, if you come to see Everly, please make sure you are not ill or have been around anyone who is.  Any small cold could be devastating to her!
  • She is doing fantastic at strengthening her body.  She can put pressure on her legs and straighten them out.  She has great head and neck control, too.
Love this little girl!

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support!  We all love reading your messages and they do keep us upbeat!  Please pray that Everly and her friends remain illness-free this cold and flu season.  Please pray for our friend Elisabeth Maxine and her continued growth and health as well.  She has a Caring Bridge page, too, in case you're new here. 

With love and appreciation,

    She's rockin' those glasses, isn't she? She knows it, too!

     Sweet kiddos at the pumpkin patch!

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