To God Be the Glory

Friday, October 31, 2014

Boy, oh, boy! God is good and God's timing IS perfect!! Oh, I praise you!

So, yesterday was Everly's upper GI procedure. It went fine and she actually enjoyed it as you see from the pictures.

Received a phone call within ...a couple of hours from her GI. Everly does indeed have malrotation of her stomach. Since it's fresh, I haven't had much of a chance to research it.

But I do know this much: if not caught and allowed to stay unrepaired, the bowel can stop functioning and intestinal tissue can die from lack of blood supply if not treated..meaning potentially life-threatening.

As you all know, we've been on the fence about getting a g tube. However, with her increased reflux/choking, we felt like we must see the doctor to discuss it. Once decided, she sent us for this upper GI procedure that ultimately found this problem.

Was that luck, fate, chance?

No way!  That was our loving God orchestrating this sequence of the right time, how He ordained it to be.

I am 110% on board with having the surgery for her as I know Jehovah Rapha (our Great Physician) planned it so.

*As for the tube, it will have to be placed surgically and will most probably be down alongside the repair she will need. Looking at about a week but surgeon and her recovery will better determine that.

FYI: that would be dr appointment #4 for next week. Pray I can take good notes to share the info with hubby but mom's going with me to all again like she did yesterday.  

Please be encouraged that God plans things for good. While we can't explain the "bad" in the world, we can be sure that God will work it for our good as difficult as certain situations appear (ie. Everly's Trisomy 18 diagnosis for example).

Finding out my daughter now has to have a surgery for something completely different isn't good to me. Finding out that God is saving her life from an unseen danger strengthens my faith.

Okay, sermon complete but I HAD to share this!

We will be meeting with the surgeon next Thursday to discuss plans to repair her malrotated stomach, how it's affecting her now and moving forward with G-tube insertion.  I'll update more when we know more.  Cardio appointment on Monday as well and occupational therapy starting for Everly on Tuesday so a very busy week coming up! 

We thank you for your continued prayers.  They really mean so much and your messages to us are read by each member of our family and just taken to heart.  Thank you!

With love and appreciation,


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