Friday, October 31, 2014

My beautiful girl...inside AND out! Oh, how I love her
Literally just PUMPED with EXCITEMENT!!!

GoShoutLove is an organization that works to help raise funds, awareness, and just shout LOVE for families who have a child with a rare illness. Each month a different family is selected and the whole month is spent showering the child and family with love!

Guess who was chosen for November?? YES! Our very own EVERLY!!

Loving a child with a rare illness is EASY. Dealing with some of the facets of what it entails is not and even more the gravity of the diagnosis. So, it means the world for those of us who do live this day in and day out to be showered with love and to be given the assistance that will allow us to just focus on making every moment count. We are touched, honored and appreciative of this truly special opportunity.

Go check it out using any of the following:

Instagram: @goshoutlove
Web: www.goshoutlove.com
Love For Everly’s FB Page

Friends and Family, can you please share this post to get the word out?

This is such a worthy organization! The families they support are incredibly blessed by their involvement. Saying thank you is just NOT enough but we DO thank you!

We would LOVE to see everyone sporting a new shirt for Everly! Go get yours today. Thank you :-)

*Thanks to Jaimee Ponce Photography for the photo!

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