What We'd Like You To Know...

Monday, March 3, 2014

We would like you to know where we are coming from and how we plan to approach the days ahead:

1.  There's nothing you can say to make it worse or better. 

We know it is difficult for our families and friends to know how to comfort us or what to say to us. Therefore, be relieved, and know that your presence, phone calls, and support are what we need, and just the fact that you show us you love us DOES make it better.  Know that we are excited about our baby and want you to be, too.  Feel good in expressing your joy at her presence.  Your messages on her journal, posts and shares of her Facebook page, and emails and texts keep us going.  Truly.  So please keep them coming. 

2.  We're praying for a miracle.  We're praying for more time.  We're just praying.

We pray that Everly continues to defy ALL odds as she has done up to this point.  We pray that she continues to prove the medical community wrong with their projected life span of babies with Trisomy 18.  We pray that we will continue to have day after day of the precious gift of time with our sweet pea.  We pray and encourage others to pray for God to equip us with the strength to handle the days ahead.  "Jesus looked at them and said, With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."  Matthew 19:26

3.  We are excited to be her parents and we think she's the most beautiful thing we've ever laid eyes on...ever!

We are thrilled to have a baby girl and the boys are beside themselves with joy to be big brothers.  We think that her adorable button nose looks like Garren's and her lips look like Kendan's.  We love the softness of her head of black hair...and I mean really love her head of black hair.  We can't take in her sweet scent enough times throughout the day. We love the shape of her long fingers, the lines on her tiny feet, the creases in her brow.  We love all of her.

4.  From Crystal...I am a very social person and love to talk and visit and LOVE my friends...but right now, I need some time and space. 

No, this isn't permanent.  No, this isn't avoidance.  I just am emotional, hormonal and overall dealing with a lot at the moment.  Some days are better than others and how I feel changes often.  Please know that at some point I will be able to reach out and connect again.  Please know that I'm not ignoring anyone.  Please know that I love you all.  Please know that I thank you for allowing me this time to figure things out in my own way. 

5.  How are the boys?

They are, as expected, saddened by the thought of their sister's shortened life span as we all are.  They will continue to benefit from their routine, talking and being with friends, opportunities for fun and laughter.  We are finding ways to laugh and put humor into our days, even in small bits. 

6. What can you do? 

First, you can pray for our family.  Second, you can share Everly's Facebook Page "Love for Everly" started by my dear friend, Courtney Netta.  You can also share her website with people.  Why?  Jimmy, myself, the boys and my parents find great solace in reading the messages, stories from other families in like situations and just the overall therapy of having a place to share.   We want people, lots of people, to know our daughter's name and to hear how she may have impacted you.

Funny pose we liked today. Her legs splayed out and her mouth wide open. She was knocked out!

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