Sunday, March 9, 2014

Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our extended family who drove 24 hours one way last weekend to visit their niece, were able to stay for the day and then made the 24 hour return trip home.  I know Everly appreciated that you all...Billy, Lynn, Betty, Dave, and Jackson...made that extraordinary effort to come see her.  Thank you!

Aunt Betty and Uncle Dave with Sweet Pea

Aunt Wanita with Sweet Pea

Also wanted to thank Aunt Wanita for making the cross country trip from Washington to see Everly and to take the boys out for the day.  They truly appreciated the time you devoted to them!

Aunt Betty with Sweet Pea

Uncle Billy and Aunt Lynn

 Looking forward to seeing Aunt Verna and Nany in a few weeks, too!

With love and appreciation,

Crystal & Jimmy

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