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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Nana & Papa talking to sweet pea and Ala looking on for good measure

As we anxiously awaited the birth of Everly, we were very thankful to GOD that he had allowed Crystal to carry Everly to 38 weeks.  We knew and were prepared that Everly would be staying in the Nicu because of her size and her congenital heart defect.  We were not prepared for the diagnosis of Trisomy 18.  Although it was devastating news, I felt a calming peace knowing that this was and is GOD's plan for Everly.  I knew/know he loves her and will do his very best for her. Everly is in a "Win Win" situation.  Should GOD carry on his plan for Everly, she will sit on JESUS's knee as one of GOD's angels and should GOD answer all of our many prayers, she will be with her family and friends who dearly love her.

 Nana & her granddaughter having some snuggle time

We have been so blessed with family, friends, acquaintances, and people we don't know who have supported us on this journey.  I am so proud of Crystal,Jimmy, Garren, and Kendan who have unselfishly given all they have to ensure Everly has a wonderful life here on Earth for however long it is in GOD'splan.  Garren volunteered to learn how to operate Everly's feeding machine so he could share in feeding her.  This is a young man, typical teenager, and before Everly was born, who complained when he had to pick up his clothes in his room.  It is amazing the transformation that one little tiny girl, 4 lbs2 oz, can make on a teenager.  It is hard to wrestle her out of Garren's arms so the rest of the family gets a turn.  Before Everly was born, Kendan would cover his face when a commercial would advertise Barbies or girl's toys.  He would say he didn't want to see girls' toys.  And NOW, he holds Everly and reads"Princess" stories to her. Love conquers all!

I see GOD at work in so many ways since Everly was born.  Your comments, meals, donations,and "Love for Everly" has been very comforting.  I experienced another example of GOD's plan yesterday morning.  Everly has been using, since birth, petite oral swabs to moisten her mouth.  We call them lolly pops because they are moistened with Mama's milk and she sucks on them.  The NICU nurses at St Joseph's provided a small amount for us to take home for Everly, however, she is getting down to the last few and I have been trying to get her some.  The Hospice nurse said they don't carry this particular size for infants.  I called the company this morning and spoke to a gentleman who said they don' t sale the swabs to the public.  He asked me why I needed them and I explained about Everly. He then offered to send a BOX of samples free of charge.  I thanked him and he said not to thank himbut the power of above.  I told him that I was sure GOD directed him to me.
Everly smiling at her Nana

Thank you for your love and support,

Kathy & Garry Mullins

 Rockin' her feather headband!

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