Everly's Angels Foundation, Part 3

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Part 3

In parts 1 & 2, I shared with you the birth of the foundation and then the heart of the foundations purpose and mission.

For the third and final part of explaining Everly’s Angels Foundation, I will share our “who” and “how” with you. 

Who is a part of Everly’s Angels Foundation and how exactly do we plan to carry out the mission of Everly’s Angels Foundation?

Our volunteer board of directors consists of 6 people, all of whom have a heart and desire to carry on Everly’s legacy. 
The perfect place for a board meeting:  Sweet Peas CafĂ©!

Crystal Hopkins (President)                    
Kathy Mullins (Vice-president)

Jimmy Hopkins (Treasurer)                    
Garry Mullins (Secretary)

Jennifer Garner (Lead Creative Design)
Sarah Edgar (Marketing & Media Relations)

Hard at work planning for the Everly's Angels!

I am so thankful for these special people who love Everly and love our mission as much as myself.  Their gift of time and talent is so very precious and instrumental to our foundation and to the families we serve.


Now for the FUN stuff!  What are we going to DO?

Well, for starters, we plan to bless special needs families.  We are ur first event will be in October.  A team of Everly’s Angels will provide Trunk or Treat fun for a local church’s Fall Festival, designed specifically for special needs families.  Trust me when I tell you that being a special needs family is HARD work!  We were blessed to know about the event last year in time for us to enjoy it with Everly.  This evening is a night full of fall games, fun, music and NOW a new twist with Trunk or Treating!  I’m so excited that Everly’s Angels will be able to share in the fun night!
Here we were at this same fall festival last year with our Everly.

Daddy and Everly enjoying a dinner break from the festivities.

Stay tuned as we plan to complement the Special Needs Respite Program in our community throughout the year.  I can’t wait to continue our planning of more fun events and activities for these well deserving families!


On a more serious note, another aspect of Everly’s Angels is to minister to grieving parents who experience the loss of a child.  Currently, we are partnering with the local NICU to provide a keepsake in the form of a bereavement box to the parents.  This beautifully crafted box will be filled with a few hand chosen mementos the parents can use while they are with their child in their last moments together.  The box will then become a treasured keepsake in which to hold special items belonging to the baby. 

As Everly’s Angels Foundation grows, we hope to have a further reach and extend our services to surrounding hospitals, hospices and obstetrical practices. 

We are thrilled to be able to continue to share Everly’s NAME, STORY AND SPIRIT through the work of Everly’s Angels Foundation.
If you would like to help Everly's Angels Foundation, there are several ways you can do this:
*Shop at our Etsy store lovingeverly.etsy.com
*Donate on this website (click button on top right above)
*Join us on Aug. 4 from 4-9p.m. at Waters Ave Chick fil A where 20% of proceeds go directly to the foundation (be sure to tell them you are there for Everly's Angels)

*Save the Date for March 5, 2016 where we will have our first BIG fundraiser.  Out of town options to participate will be available.  Mark the date now, though.  9 a.m.- Noon
*Become an angel and help us by volunteering your time.  Plenty of opportunities for those who are not local as well.  Please email me at loveforeverly@earthlink.net for more info.
*Pray for our team, the foundation, and for plans that we will be a blessing to those who need us and that we will glorify God in the process. 

*We would love you to follow along on our Facebook pages: www.facebook.com/everlyhopkins and www.facebook.com/everlysangels

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