Hospice Update

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Little tongue!
Praise report...
If you read my post here over the weekend venting a bit about hospice, then you'll know how big this is...
Pharmacy change went well. Refills fine AND refrigerated! We've had an additional issue over the past... 6 months I forget to mention Friday with connecting her feed pump to to her NG without it leaking since we came home from the hospital. We've tried different solutions on out own but to no avail. Thanks to lots of suggestions and one given to us by sweet Melanie's mommy to try, we found a true solution. Called hospice and told them, gave them the item description and like magic it was ordered today and will be supplied to us monthly as well as everything else. I can rest so much easier now
6 months
But here's the biggest news...

The manager I spoke with in Friday asked me today if she could come over to meet and talk with me on Monday. THEN she said that she appreciated the opportunity to make things better for all peds patients (there's 10, I think she said) for now and in the future!!! Wow! Talk about fantastic! I love that! I'm so glad that they understood my concerns and really heard me and then are going a step further to take it better for all little pediatric patients. My heart swells with thanks because I KNOW firsthand how hard it is to have your child in hospice. I almost have to say it out loud just to still believe it. But to have someone really want to listen and work to make the journey just a little easier, just great!

6 months
Thank you for the prayers and your support! Also, it just uplifts me (and the family) SO much to read your comments and encouragement! I thank you for your part in this journey and how you all have helped to make our days just that much brighter! Blessings!

With love and appreciation,


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