A Party Fit for a Princess

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The birthday princess

It can safely be said that Everly's 6 month bash was a party fit for a princess! It was a perfect day in every sense.

We were so blessed to have so many hands on deck to make the party just right. I could not discuss the party without making mention of the special folks who did so much for it! Many thanks go out to those who just soared above and beyond for our sweet Everly. Here goes, in no particular order:

Gina & Lauren Deptula: overall party planning with me, floral arrangements, endless cutting, rolling and d├ęcor prep, running around getting supplies, you name it, they did it! (Check her out at Craftology 101 on FB)

Everly's beautiful dress, shoes, handmade socks, and tiara

Heather High: donating her time and talent to capture all our special moments at the party and all the editing after (Check her out at High Family Photography on FB)

Traci Heindorf: the adorable princess cake and meticulously handmade pea pod cupcakes (Let me know if you need a great cake or cupcakes for an event, I can give you her contact info.)

April Hetrick: tons of cookie favors individually decorated and wrapped

Kendra Drake: making tons of fruit wands and a special Princess Pea Pasta salad for the party

Sarah & Dan Edgar and kids: hours of set up and clean up combined

Melissa Perez and kids: hours of set up and clean up combined

Patricia & Michael Lesch: coming early and jumping right in to do whatever necessary for set up

Silly Little Girls: 1/2 birthday outfit and bloomers for sweet pea

Joanne Bishop: Thank you for Everly's surprise birthday outfit! What a perfect dress!

Kelly Adams & Christy/Bobby Barnes: for the huge sacrifice to make the long trip to Everly's birthday!

To all our guests: Thank you for making it a point to come to our daughter's party. We love you!

The food table.

To my parents: Thank you for pinch hitting whenever and however we need you on a constant basis. Our lives wouldn't be the same without you and our kids certainly wouldn't be who they are without you!

A big thank you to everyone who sent in a picture to make her Wall of Love!

Thank you all for your selfless devotion to making the day everything we hoped it would be for Everly!
Everly handled the party like a champ. She seemed to be fascinated with all the faces and people which didn't surprise us as she's never actually been anywhere with this many people at once. Mid-way through the party she was so tired that she quietly dozed off in her cushy throne. Sweet girl.

The room was literally transformed from blah to beautiful! Puffy lanterns were hung from the ceiling. Linen tablecloths with table runners and floral arrangements covered tables. Banners adorned the walls above the food and sweets tables. The dessert table covered in perfectly frosted cupcakes and a breathtaking princess cake. The Wall of Love full of pictures of families praying for Everly. The room was perfect.

Kelly Adams presenting us with the angel after the party

I was able to have some special time with Kelly Adams after the party that meant the world to me. Kelly made the trip from Jacksonville with two of her daughters to attend the party. What made this such a special meeting for me is that Kelly is Elizabeth Joy's mother, Everly's friend who went to be with Jesus on May 10 of this year. During our time visiting, she gave us a beautiful glass angel that has been passed to five other Trisomy babies, including Elizabeth, and now to Everly. What a special thing! She also brought with her and gave to Everly a one of a kind headband made for and called the Elizabeth Joy headband. It is made with the Trisomy Foundation colors and was worn proudly by Elizabeth Joy. It must have been such a moving decision to pass such a special item to our family that belonged to their daughter. Thank you, Kelly, for those truly special gifts. We treasure them!

Elizabeth Joy Adams 7/19/13 - 5/10/14 and Everly Marie Hopkins

We were so happy to see all the people who came out to celebrate such a big day in Everly's life. Such a blessing for us to celebrate 6 months with friends! It was such encouragement to hear everyone's thoughts and sentiments. To see everyone smiling and laughing and just loving on Everly was heartwarming. The love was plentiful in the room and for that we are so happy and thankful. It was a perfect day. Thanking God for the opportunity to love her for all this time!

I can't wait to invite everyone to her 1 year birthday party!! **Too many pictures to include with this entry so more will be added separately to the Photo section in the next day or so. Check back for those. Plus, we are working on trying to upload the video Jimmy made for the party here so you all can view it, too. I'll let you know when it's ready.**

With love and appreciation,


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