Team Everly

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I am so excited to share with you that we have Team Everly shirts available now!  I know some of you already know but there's a few who may not have seen on Facebook. 

For months prior to Everly’s untimely passing, there was much thought about having “Team Everly” shirts made to spread the word about this amazing little girl. Her story should be told, shared and spread so that others can learn and gather inspiration. With that resolve in mind, her family began the process of commissioning a graphic designer to create a shirt for “Team Everly.” One of the underlying themes that were shared from all who came to know Everly was that she loved as she was loved.

So, with that principal in mind, the idea for a heart was the obvious choice. Her family believes it’s the perfect design to honor and promote Everly’s message of love and living…receiving a diagnosis like hers doesn’t mean that her life is any less valuable or that she is any less worthy of love and compassion. We hope that you will join “Team Everly” and spread love, too! 

By the way, these shirts are available in a dozen colors and are made of the softest t-shirt material around...sure to become your go-to choice quickly!!  Onesies and child sizes as well as adult plus sizes available, too!  Hurry as deadline is Mar. 31!

Thank you for all the orders that have placed already! We are so excited that so many people love Everly enough to wear her shirt!  All proceeds will go to future Everly's Angels projects!

Please visit to place your order!  If you are a local Everly friend, please email me.  Thank you!! 

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