Medical Update and Urgent Prayer Request

Thursday, November 13, 2014

This past Monday, Everly wasn't acting herself and was quite congested in her throat and chest. After hearing that she'd had a rough night, Nana convinced me to take her in to see Dr. Graham, her pediatrician. So we did.

Everly was found to have just a slight possibly viral infection that we hoped would run its course. No antibiotics yet just keep a close eye and let her rest.

She seemed to perk up on Tuesday and Wednesday and then Wednesday night have a miserable time trying to rest. She whimpered and was hoarse most of the evening and couldn't get comfortable no matter where I placed her. So put a call in to the doctor Thursday morning.

Dr. Graham advised us to head back in at 4:45 if she didn't improve throughout the day. Indeed, she did not. We spent the day cradling Everly and trying to make her as comfortable as we could. However, she continuously coughed and sneezed all day which would cause her some considerable discomfort. We ran a humidifier wherever she was and gave her nothing but rest.

The most alarming thing for me was the color change I witnessed throughout the day. Her fingertips and forehead were bluish/dusky...a color you do NOT want to see on your child. EVER. I felt that she definitely was lacking oxygen, probably because she was working so hard, and put her back on the pulse ox machine to get a read. My instincts and vision were correct because she was Sating in the mid 70s. Not good. Flipped on the O2 and gave her some blow by air. Her numbers really never rose past 85 when normally they range 94-96 with no air.

Once in the office, Dr. Graham quickly found that Everly had the crackly gunk in her right lung indicative of pneumonia. Ugh. Not what we expected to hear at all. Thought things had gotten worse but not that bad.

She decided that an injection there of Rocephin would be best and then also one the next day. It was a considerably thick medicine so it stung going in Everly's leg. She also would need continuous O2 while she fights off the yuck that was trying to bring her down.

We pray for a quiet night for her with much rest and peaceful sleep so she can have the energy to fight this. Praying for her doctors to make wise choices concerning her care and treatment. Praying for the pneumonia to clear up without any further incident. We pray that we will not have to take her to the ER or the hospital that she can handle this fight here at the house safe from more stuff aiming for her.

We thank you and would appreciate you joining us in prayer.

With love and appreciation,


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