Spread a Little Sunshine

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

There may be no sun outside but there is inside our NICU room! Little Everly went on light therapy yesterday for low bilirubin count. That severely limited the most important part of the day...kangaroo care...to three short 20-30 min sessions.

Our neonatologist just stopped in for our daily check up. Guess what? We received the go ahead for kangaroo care and light therapy simultaneously! So, no time limits! Just has to go to "bed " to get her hands on checks and feelings. But other than that can be skin to skin with us! So exciting!

She also increased her feedings to every three hours from every six. So, mama's going to become a pumping queen to keep up with her. But that is also good news that she's able to handle her tube feedings so that's good.

We've not had any other major breathing issues that required outside intervention since a couple of nights ago. She does struggle at times but has been able to "fix" it herself for the most part. Praising God for that!

Still waiting for answers for a few lingering questions, though. Hope those come soon but in the meantime we will continue to focus on her and the boys.

More later,


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